1. Accountability/Ethics


To hold yourself and others accountable to a code of ethics derived from your principles. To address the appropriateness of your behaviour in relation to living your values.

Consciousness Raising Questions - Individuals:

Consciousness Raising Questions - Groups:

  • Do all group members have a clear understanding of the difference between values, ethics, morals and ethics?
  • Does your group have a code of ethics that has been derived from your shared values?
  • Has your group gone through a collaborative process to agree on behavioural norms pertaining to your group's values?
  • Are all team members aware of the shared values and the personal and group implications of these shared values?

Consciousness Raising Questions - Society:

  • Why is Accountability/Ethics a relatively low priority for many people?\
  • What may have happened in 2017 that made this value a higher priority than usual for men?
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Resource-How to Create a Code of Ethics:

Suggested Steps:

  1. Contact one of our Values Consultants and request each person in your team take an inventory of their values.
  2. Concretise your team's priority values.
  3. Create a Vision, Values & Mission Statement based on your priority values. Example: Our Vision, Values & Mission Statement.
  4. Create a statement of how you will live your values, your code of ethics. Example: Minessence Group's Code of Ethics

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