Monday 22 February 2010

Four Categories of Skills

Q. In an example AVI Report you sent me my Skills Profile is like this:
  • 13% Instrumental, 17% Interpersonal, 39% Imaginal, 31% System.
I was taught that the fist 2 clusters required Instrumental skills, the next 2 Interpersonal etc. Is that correct? If so, the figures on My Skills Profile are not equal to the sums of the 2 clusters in each skill set as shown on my values map (0 + 2 = 2) (0 + 12 = 12) (16 + 39 = 55) ( 29 + 2 = 31) OR have I been mistaken in my application of this relationship?

A. It's more complex than that. Some values require more than one type of skill:
  • Values such as care/nurture, empathy, admin/management, synergy, collaborative/individualist, etc. require interpersonal skills
  • Values such as safety/survival, admin/management, design/pattern/order, technology/science, convivial technology, etc. require instrumental skills
  • Values such as design/pattern/order, synergy, collaborative/individualist, convivial technology, etc require system skills  
  • Values such as creative ideation, convivial technology, pioneerism/progress, etc require imaginal skills
As you can see from these examples there can be no linear link between the cluster scores and the skills scores.

As for the 13 + 17 + 39 + 31 = 100% score in the example. The score just gives you a relative idea of what skills you require in the different categories if you are living your values to the full.