10. Care/Nurture


To be physically and emotionally supported by family and friends and to value doing the same for others.

Consciousness Raising Facts & Questions

  • Are you able to ask for what you need in such a way that you feel cared about?
  • Are you able to care for others in a way that is not overly draining?
  • The chart below (click on it to enlarge) shows the trend in the priority placed on Care/Nurture by both women & men since 2006. Why do you think the priority placed on this value had been rising in priority for women since 2011? 
  • Why has it not been rising in priority for men?
  • For many people this value is not a very high priority. Why might this be so?
  • I caring for other becoming very emotionally draining for you? Then, below are some strategies to avoid burnout...

What is likely Brain-Preference of a person who has this as a high priority value? [Not familiar with Brain-Preferences? Click here for a brief introduction.]  Note: your personal brain-preference will determine which activities are best for you to avoid burnout.

What are your learnings from the material shared here?

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