Tuesday 4 October 2011

1. What is the basis of arriving at Priority Values? 2. In my Organisation , we have chosen the following Values: namely, Integrity, Passion, Quality, Respect and Responsibility. I do not see a ready match of my Priority Values with these.What should I do?

Values are personal. The values we have are directly related to our world-view, see: http://valuesjournal.com/?p=758.

Organisations have their own values. Ideally these are put in place by people in the organisation following the process outlined here:  http://www.minessence.net/eZine/view.aspx?issue=47 and here: http://www.minessence.net/eZine/view.aspx?issue=31

Where your values differ from those of the organisation, the best strategy is to treat the organisation's values as codes of behaviour--you then need to ask yourself, am I able to live my values in this organisation in a way which is consistent with the organisation's values.

It doesn't matter what values we have as individuals. However, because we live and work with others, it does matter how we life them. It is quite appropriate for organisations to put in place codes of behaviour, codes of ethics and the like which define the way in which people in the organisation should live their own values, see: http://www.minessence.net/PDFs/AVIAccred/Newwiz3_ch1_values_ethics_principles.pdf

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